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Jungle Nymph, Heteropteryx Dilatata


Jungle Nymphs, Heteropteryx dilatata, are some of the largest stick insects in the world, growing up to 15 cm long with a remarkably vibrant green spikey exoskeleton.

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The Malaysian Jungle Nymph, Heteropteryx dilatata, is a striking stick insect native to the rainforests of Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia, known for its impressive size and unique appearance. The adult female Malaysian Jungle Nymph is one of the largest stick insects in the world, measuring up to 15 centimeters (6 inches) or even more in length. The males are considerably smaller, typically around half the size of the females. They have a brownish or greenish coloration, which helps them blend into their forest environment. Their bodies are elongated and cylindrical, resembling twigs or sticks. Malaysian Jungle Nymphs have relatively long lifespans compared to some other insects. The females can live for around one to two years, while the males generally have shorter lifespans of a few months. These insects are relatively simple to care for, primarily feeding on a variety of leafy greens, such as bramble, oak, rose, and guava leaves, most of which are easy enough to find natively in the UK. These are large insects, particularly the females, and require a spacious enclosure that provides enough vertical space for them to climb and move around comfortably. A terrarium or a well-ventilated cage with a constant supply of fresh food, branches, twigs, and foliage for climbing and hiding is recommended. These stick insects are native to tropical rainforest environments, so they require specific temperature and humidity conditions within the range of 24-28°C (75-82°F), and humidity levels of around 70-80% which can be maintained via regular misting of the enclosure, along with a moist substrate. Heteropteryx dilatata are slow-moving and can be gently handled, however, when irritated, will kick out their spiky rear legs. Overall, this is a beautiful and fascinating species that we recommend all hobbyists  rear at least once.

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1 Nymph, 5 Nymph Colony


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