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Metallic Stick Insect, Achrioptera Fallax


Metallic stick insects, Achrioptera fallax, also known as Madagascan stick insects, are beautiful bright blue phasmids noted for their stunning crimson wings and golden accents.

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The metallic stick insect, Achrioptera fallax, also known as the Madagascan stick insect, is a highly in-demand Phasmid species popular in the insect-keeping hobby for its unique and arguably unparalleled beauty. These stick insects are a stunning viridescent blue, with golden markings on their limbs and crimson red bud-like wings. Though they possess wings, they are underdeveloped and so cannot be used for flight like other species. These insects can grow to a hefty size of around 5 inches long, displaying sexual dimorphism where the males are slightly smaller and more visibly striking than the females, which are significantly larger with spines and a pale brown colouration. These insects are not asexual / parthenogenetic, and so require a male of the species to ensure fertile offspring. For this reason, their population is easily controllable and unlikely to become unmanageable like other asexual species. These insects are very simple to care for, and can be fed on oak leaves, bramble leaves, eucalyptus leaves, and rose leaves. Metallic stick insects will thrive with relative humidity levels of around 60% RH, with temperatures from 23c-27c. A large, well ventilated mesh enclosure filled with a fresh food source and decor is recommended. These animals are calm and placid, and will happily tolerate gentle handling, given care is taken not to hurt their limbs which are particularly grippy. Achrioptera fallax have a shorter lifepan than most other stick insects, living for only about half a year. After reaching maturity, these insects will reproduce and lay eggs which, after around several months, will hatch into babies which can be raised again. Overall, these are simple to care for stick insects which we highly recommend to keepers looking for something more unique and beautiful than the standard popular species.


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