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Orange Bitey Thing, Pterinochilus Murinus

The OBT, orange bitey thing, Pterinochilus murinus, is a wonderfully infamous tarantula species popularised by its bad temper and aggression.

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OBTs, Orange bitey things, Orange baboon spider or Pterinochilus murinus, are native to West and Central Africa, where they inhabit dry and scrubby environments such as savannas and grasslands. OBTs are bright orange in colour with distinctive markings on their legs. They grow to medium size, reaching up to 5 inches in length. These arachnids are infamous in tarantula-keeping communities for their awful temper. These are not considered beginner species due to their environmental requirements, potent venom, and aggressive attitude.


OBTs are known for their feisty and aggressive temperament and are not recommended for beginners. They are quick to defend themselves and will not hesitate to bite if they feel threatened. As an old-world species, these critters possess significantly potent venom and therefore should not be handled. These T’s are incredibly entertaining to keep, especially when watching them hunt where their aggressive nature is most on display.

Care Requirements

Orange bitey things prefer warm and humid conditions. Their care requirements paired with their bad temper and potent venom make them an unsuitable species for brand-new keepers. OBT’s are terrestrial tarantulas that will benefit from a small amount of substrate to burrow into. Decor such as rocks, plants, and bark, can be added for the tarantula to tunnel under and around. These arachnids need moderately high humidity levels of around 70% RH, and a warm environment of around 75-85°F (24-29°C). A water dish should be added to allow the tarantula to drink, as well as plenty of hiding spots. These tarantulas are brilliant hunters and voracious eaters. Overall, OBTs are a fascinating but challenging species to keep as pet, well worth the effort if you have the necessary experience to keep one.

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Juvenile, 5-6cm


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