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Pink-Toe Tarantula, Avicularia Avicularia

Pink toe tarantulas, Avicularia avicularia, are beautiful navy T’s characterised by their pink “paws” and accents. Perfect for beginners.

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The Pink Toe Tarantula, Avicularia avicularia, also known as the Guyana Pinktoe, is a species of arboreal tarantula native to the rainforests of northern South America, including Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Venezuela, and Brazil. As an arboreal species, Pink Toe Tarantulas are adapted to living in trees and other high places and have long, slender legs that are well-suited for climbing and grasping onto surfaces. They are known for their striking appearance, with navy-coloured bodies and pink or salmon-coloured feet and toes. These are medium-size tarantulas, with adult females reaching up to 6-7 inches (15-18 cm).


Pink Toe Tarantulas are generally considered to be docile, timid, and a little unpredictable, but are often recommended as a good beginner species for those new to tarantula-keeping. These arachnids may be calm and handleable one minute, but skittish the next. Even as far as new-world species go, the pink-toe possesses remarkably mild venom, and is unlikely to bite, preferring to flick urticating hairs. While they are considered a handleable species, caution should be taken when handling due to their erratic nature and the subsequent risk of the animal falling and sustaining serious injuries.


Avicularia avicularia are arboreal tarantulas that need tall terrariums with lots of vertical climbing space. A terrarium that is at least twice as tall as the spider’s leg span is recommended. The enclosure should also have plenty of hiding spots, such as cork bark or plants, to provide security for the spider. These arachnids do best in a warm, humid environment. Temperatures should be kept between 75-85 F (24-29c), with a humidity level of 70 to 80%. The enclosure should be misted regularly to maintain adequate humidity, with a water dish provided for the tarantula to drink. Only a few inches of substrate is necessary, as these arachnids do not typically wander on the ground.


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