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Red-Back Jumping Spider, Phidippus Johnsonii


Red-back jumping spiders, Phidippus johnsonii, are beautiful arachnids ideal for keepers looking for a visually unique, easy-care jumping spider species. Great for beginners.

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Phidippus johnsonii, commonly known as the Red-back Jumping Spider, is a species of jumping spider belonging to the genus Phidippus. It is primarily found in the western parts of North America, including regions of the United States and Mexico. Adult Phidippus johnsonii spiders are typically medium-sized, with females reaching about 12-16 millimeters in length, while males are slightly smaller. These little arachnids for beloved for their vibrant and striking coloration, including their vibrant turquoise chelicerae and beautifully crimson patterned abdomen, hence the common name “Red-back Jumping Spider.” These spiders are commonly found in various habitats such as grasslands, shrubs, and woodland areas. They are agile hunters and possess excellent jumping abilities, which they use to capture prey. In fact, these critters can leap up to 6 times their own body length, making them entertaining critters to observe during feeding time. Like other jumping spiders, the red-back has remarkably well-developed eyesight, including large anterior median eyes that provide it with good depth perception and visual acuity. Red-back Jumping Spiders are known for their active and curious nature. P. Johnsonii are diurnal arachnids, being most active during the daytime. These spiders are known to exhibit complex courtship rituals, with males performing elaborate displays to attract females. Like all jumping spiders, Phidippus johnsonii are remarkable hunters, using their exceptional cognitive abilities to carefully analyse prey before taking it down. These are incredibly smart arachnids, with the capability to carefully analyse prey before engaging with it. Overall, red-back jumping spiders are relatively simple, low-maintenance pets. The majority of P. Johnsonii care includes maintaining adequate humidity levels and temperature, along with regular feeding and misting. These critters are beautiful and are a brilliant choice for beginner jumping spider keepers looking for a visually unique, easy-care jumping spider species different from the usual P. Reg.


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