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Regal Jumping Spider, Phidippus Regius


Regal jumping spiders, Phidippus regius, are popular pet jumping spiders beloved by keepers for their adorable appearance and simple care. Beginner friendly.

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Phidippus regius, the regal jumping spider, has earned a firm place in the hearts of invertebrate keepers for its fluffy exoskeleton, adorable puppy-dog eyes, and fascinating personality. Growing close to an inch in leg span, phidippus regius are small but wonderful, and remarkably easy to care for. Since this arachnid does not grow very large, it can be suitably housed in small affordable setups. The regal jumping spider is a very easy animal to care for, with their primary care requirements revolving around keeping their environment suitably humid, along with regular feedings of live food such as crickets, or fruit flies for spiderlings. The regal ‘jumper’ is a remarkably intelligent invertebrate due to its complex hunting behaviors, they must always analyze their prey’s next move. Not only are they smart, but also agile, being able to leap up to 6 times their own body length in pursuit of prey. Even their eyesight is amazing, expertly adapted to observe potential food from far distances.  This combination of unique traits makes the regal jumping spider an excellent hunter and ultimately a fascinating animal to watch take down prey in captivity. But, as brilliantly skilled as we think they are, these arachnids are truly beloved for their beautiful & cute appearance- you’d be hard-pressed to find a cuter spider. These not-so-creepy-crawlies possess 6 big, brown puppy-dog eyes and a cream coat of fluffy fur to match (black in males). Females are typically coloured cream and red with vibrant pink chelicerae (fangs), where males are black and white with turquoise chelicerae. Phidippus regius also come in a variety of unique colour morphs hailing from different areas of the Americas, from pure white to pumpkin orange. The regal jumping spider is by far the most popular species in the hobby, kept by both beginner and experienced keepers alike- it’s not hard to see why.

1 review for Regal Jumping Spider, Phidippus Regius

  1. Jenny Lewis

    Absolutely in love with my little spider boy. Amazing, fast service and communication.

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