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Soroa Jumping Spider, Phidippus Regius


The ‘Soroa’ morph of Phidippus regius is known for the beautiful orange colouration found in its females. This stunning copper regal jumping spider morph is native to Soroa, Cuba, and identical in care needs to standard P. Regius.

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The Soroa regal jumping spider, also known as the Cuban Soroa jumper (Phidippus regius Soroa), is a captivating species found in the Soroa region of Cuba. Females of these small arachnids display pale fluffy exoskeletons with beautiful copper abdominal markings. With their exceptional jumping abilities and keen eyesight, Soroa regal jumpers are agile hunters, capable of pouncing on their prey with precision. They inhabit forested areas, including the lush vegetation of the Soroa region, where they construct nests on plants, trees, and shrubs. These curious and diurnal spiders are known for their active movements, characterized by short jumps and sudden pauses. Their diet consists of small insects and arthropods, and they engage in intricate courtship rituals during the mating season. The females lay eggs in silk cocoons, diligently guarding them until they hatch. The Soroa regal jumping spider is one of many beautiful Phidippus regius ‘morphs’ or ‘localities’, showcasing their impressive hunting skills and captivating appearances in the vibrant landscapes of Cuba. This species is identical in care to any other morph of Phidippus regius.

Please note: While certain ‘locals’, ‘morphs’, or ‘variants’ of jumping spiders are known for their specific colourations, markings, and size, due to the natural variance of live animals, not all individuals will display or reflect these specific traits as prominently as others. Male jumping spiders will always be black in colouration unless specified otherwise, even for rare jumping spider ‘locals’. Spiderlings are often dark in colouration, with their true colours often only visible upon maturity.


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