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Triops Longicaudatus, 50 Eggs


Triops longicaudatus are living fossils from North and Central America. These critters typically grow to a size of 2 to 3 inches. Simply add eggs to water in your setup and wait for them to hatch.

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Triops longicaudatus, commonly known as longtail tadpole shrimp, are fascinating little critters that primarily hail from North and Central America. They’ve also been found in other parts of the world, showing how adaptable they are to various climates and conditions. Typically, they grow to a size of around 2 to 3 inches. Triops longicaudatus are exceptionally low-maintenance. They’re not picky about their habitat; a simple aquarium or even a large repurposed container or enclosure can suffice. These critters are not fussy eaters; standard Triops food pellets and occasional vegetable scraps will do just fine. The eggs of triops longicaudatus are as hardy as the adults, capable of surviving dry spells in a dormant state and hatching once conditions become favourable. This makes starting your own colony remarkably easy, requiring little more than adding the eggs to a water-filled habitat. They grow fast too, reaching maturity in a few weeks, which makes them great for educational projects or simply as pets that you can quickly see develop from hatchlings into fascinating prehistoric creatures.

Egg count is approximate only.


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