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Vietnamese Stick Insect, Medauroidea Extradentata


Vietnamese Stick Insects, Medauroidea Extradentata, are medium-sized golden brown stick insects perfect for beginner keepers.

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The Vietnamese stick insect, Medauroidea Extradentata, is a simple to care for stick insect species perfect for beginners and inexperienced keepers. These stick insects can grow up to 10 centimetres long, making them a medium-size species. These insects are twiglike and brown or green, looking more like actual sticks than most other popular species kept in the hobby. The vietnamese stick insect lives for around half a year, making them a low-commitment pet even for stick insects, which typically live for one year. After reaching sexual maturity, the stick insect colony will begin to lay eggs and, after just a few months, the next generation will be born. Vietnamese stick insects are parthenogenetic, meaning they require no male to reproduce, however males of this species do exist but are rare, and serve to diversify the genetic pool.  Medauroidea extradentata are exceptionally low maintenance insects, feeding on blackberry bramble, hawthorn, oak, red maple, and rose, many of which are easily found in the UK. They require a large, mesh enclosure so to give them space to wander and molt. The temperature for this species should be kept at around 20 °C to 30 °C, with relative humidity levels of around 50% RH. Humidity can be maintained via regular misting of the enclosure or with a moistened soil-based substrate such as coco-coir. Vietnamese stick insects can be gently handled as they are exceptionally slow moving and docile. Overall, we highly recommend this species to beginner keepers looking for a decently sized, placid, and prolific stick insect species to rear.


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