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Giant Dead Leaf Mantis, Deroplatys Dessicata


Large & fierce, Deroplatys dessicata are prized for their beautiful autumnal camouflage and sweet temperament.

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Dead leaf mantis, Deroplatys dessicata, are fitting company for the chilly, autumn months with their dark, autumnal leaf-like bodies. Dead leaf mantises are unique in both appearance and temperament, being both aggressive yet sweet and personable D. Dessicata have a couple of perks that set them apart from other mantis. the giant dead leaf mantis grows huge, they’re a bulky species of mantis that boast huge, stunning thoracic shields. Additionally, dead leaf mantids have a particularly long lifespan, with females living over a year, where most mantis species live for close to one. If you’re the type to become overly attached to your mantis, the dead leaf mantis offers a longer commitment than other species and more personality. This makes them ideal for people that want just a bit more from their mantis, in terms of lifespan, size and variation from their “cold-killer” reputation.


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