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Orchid Mantis, Hymenopus Coronatus


Malaysian orchid mantis, Hymenopus coronatus, are extremely popular mantids beloved for their floral appearance and docile temperament.

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The orchid mantis, Hymenopus coronatus, is a favourite among new and experienced keepers due to their extremely unique orchid-like appearance. Malaysian orchid mantis grow to around 3 inches long, making them a medium-size mantis species. In temperament, the orchid mantis is extremely docile, calm, and handleable, making them wonderful pet invertebrates. Hymenopus coronatus are not particularly difficult to care for, but need a warm, humid environment to stay healthy.

The orchid mantis, scientifically known as Hymenopus coronatus, is truly the gem of the insect world. This species possesses a unique floral beauty and appearance, this mantis has captured the hearts of so many invertebrate enthusiasts, and have brought many into the mantis-keeping hobby. Hailing from the lush forests of South-East Asia, this flower mantis is one of the most unique and visually striking of all praying mantis species available. As a nymph, the Orchid Mantis is at its most stunning, with its pink and white coloration, petal-like legs, and sharp features. This beauty, however, ultimately serves a deadly purpose. Using aggressive mimicry, the Orchid Mantis attracts pollinators with its flower-like appearance, luring them in to become its prey. But despite its lethal nature, orchid mantis make very friendly pets.

As the Orchid Mantis grows, it develops beautiful pink accents and eventually will sprout pale, buttercup-yellow wings with brown edges like a wilting flower. The Orchid Mantis is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a unique and visually stunning pet, especially if you’re more anxious with traditional bug-like mantis.


Orchid mantis nymphs should be fed D.Hydeii fruit flies. As they mature, orchid mantis will prefer to eat flying prey such as waxmoths (adult waxworms) and blue/green bottle flies, but will also usually accept most other prey such as mealworms, locusts, and crickets. Hymenopus coronatus will accept prey around 1/3rd of their body length, and should be fed until their abdomen becomes round and plump.

Environmental Conditions

Orchid mantis should be kept at around room temperature, with relative humidity levels at around 70-80% RH. If necessary, you may purchase a heat mat to keep the temperature warmer, along with moisture-retaining substrate such as coco-coir or sphagnum moss to boost humidity levels. A daily mist of the enclosure using a spray bottle will ensure your orchid mantis can regularly drink and that its enclosure remains humid. Orchid mantis, like all mantis, require an enclosure at least 3x as tall as the mantis’s total body length. L2 – L4 Hymenopus coronatus nymphs are usually around 1cm in length.


Orchid mantis can be sexed as young nymphs from the “collar” on their neck that is typically green for females, and brown for males. Hymenopus coronatus exhibit some of the most pronounced sexual dimorphism within praying mantis as males are significantly smaller than females. Female orchid mantis have a small horn between their eyes, along with 6 abdominal segments while males have 8.

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L2 – L4 Nymph

1 review for Orchid Mantis, Hymenopus Coronatus

  1. lolipop226

    absolutely adorable, so happy with my flower mantis. Packed well and just so so so pretty, ive named her blossom and shes settled so well into her enclosure and had a couple of fruit flies. 🙂

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