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Peacock Mantis, Pseudoempusa Pinnapavonis


Peacock mantis, Pseudoempusa Pinnapavonis, are beautiful Mediterranean beginner-friendly praying mantis renowned for their colourful wings & threat display.

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Peacock mantis, Pseudoempusa pinnapavonis are striking beginner mantids that are beloved in the mantis-keeping community for their stunningly patterned wings that are revealed during deimatic threat displays. Peacock mantis grow up to 4 inches long, and are extremely easy to care for making them a wonderful choice for first-time keepers. Peacock mantis are golden/bronze in colour, with beautiful black and crimson wings.


Pseudoempusa pinnapavonis nymphs should be fed on D.hydeii fruit flies when small. As they mature, locusts, roaches, mealworms, and blue / green bottle flies will be readily accepted. Peacock mantis will typically accept prey around 1/3rd of their total body length, and should be fed until their abdomen becomes plump.

Environmental Conditions

Peacock mantis are easy to care for, and can be kept at around room temperature, and need a relative humidity level of around 60% RH. If necessary, a heat mat can be attached to one side of the enclosure to boost the overall temperature. Moisture-retaining substrates such as coco coir and sphagnum moss can be added to their habitat to boost the relative humidity levels if necessary. Mist the walls of the enclosure daily to ensure the mantis remains well-hydrated. Like all mantis, Pseudoempusa pinnapavonis require a habitat at least 3x as tall as the mantises total body length to ensure it has the space to safely molt. Peacock mantis nymphs are around 1-2cm long at L2 – L4.


Peacock mantis can be sexed via the number of abdominal segments, with males having 8 segments, and females having 7. Male Pseudoempusa pinnapavonis have a black spot on the inside of the raptorial arms, where females have a red spot. As with other mantids, the females are typically larger and plumper, with the males being thin and streamlined.


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