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Spiny Flower Mantis, Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergii


Spiny flower mantis, Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergii, are a unique beginner-friendly mantis species beloved for their unique, yellow-green spiral markings and docile temperament.

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Spiny flower mantis, Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergii, are adored by keepers as a unique, beginner-friendly mantis species due to their unique markings and ease of care. Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii grow to around 1.5 inches long and are native to southern & eastern Africa. These mantises do not have particularly demanding care requirements, making them perfect for first-time keepers that want a distinctive-looking mantis species.

This is a is a highly sought-after species among insect enthusiasts and collectors. Its unique appearance, small size, and quirky demeanour, make it one of the most popular pet mantis in the insect trade. The Spiny Flower Mantis boasts a pale body with green stripes and gorgeous lavender eyes. Its wings are known for the a distinctive yellow swirl pattern. During a threat display, the wings are raised to reveal a stunning golden-yellow underside.

The spiny flower mantis is docile in temperament, making it a great choice for those who want to keep a praying mantis without having to worry about aggressive behaviour. This little insect is perfect for new keepers looking to own their first flower mantis, as they have simpler care & humidity requirements due to their native conditions while still being stunningly beautiful. Whether you are an experienced keeper or are just starting out with pet mantis, the spiny flower mantis is a wonderful choice due to is unique appearance and simple care requirements. If you’re looking to add a new and unique insect to your collection, the spiny flower mantis is definitely worth considering.


Spiny flower mantis prefer flying arboreal prey such as waxmoths and blue/green bottle flies, but will also accept live foods such as mealworms and locusts. As nymphs, spiny flower mantis can eat D.hydeii fruit flies, before moving on to any other prey around 1/3rd the size of their total body length. Continue to feed your spiny flower mantis until its abdomen becomes round and plump.

Environmental Conditions

Spiny flower mantis thrive at a relative humidity level of around 40-60% RH, lower than the majority of other species. Pseudocreobotra Wahlbergii prefer to be kept at around 25°c, which can be supplemented with a heat mat if necessary. Relative humidity levels can be increased by using a moisture-retaining substrate in the mantis’s enclosure, such as coco-coir and sphagnum moss. Like all mantises, spiny flower mantis need an enclosure at least 3x as tall as the mantis’s total body length so it can safely extend downward to shed its exoskeleton when molting. L2-L4 Spiny flower mantis nymphs are around 1cm in length.


Spiny flower mantids can be sexed as adults when they develop distinctive sex-based body shapes. Males are typically long and thin, with wings extending past the abdomen, whereas females are bulkier with wings that reach the abdomen. Females have shorter, thin antennae, while males are thicker and longer.


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