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Timor Shield Mantis, Rhombodera Kirbyii


A stunning golden-brown Rhombodera sp. shield mantis originating from Timor-Leste in southeast Asia. Hardy and easy to care for.

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The Timor Shield Mantis is a decently sized mantis species growing to around 3-4 inches in length. This mantis mantis typically displays shades of green, yellow, or brown. The  Timor Shield Mantis is an ambush predator. It relies on camouflage to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, often resembling the shape and color of dying leaves, trees, or plant parts. This helps it to remain undetected by both potential prey and predators. When threatened or disturbed, the mantis will often raise its forelimbs and wings, displaying a vibrant and contrasting coloration pattern that serves as a warning signal to potential threats. This is a hardy, low maintenance mantis species that can be regularly handled.


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