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Yunnan Flower Mantis, Creobroter Sp.


Yunnan flower mantis, Creobroter sp. Yunnan, are a beautiful, small species of flower mantis beloved for their beautifully patterned rosy-red wings.

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Yunnan flower mantis, Creobroter sp “Yunnan”, are a beautiful species of flower mantis popular for their colourful & beautifully patterned wings that are revealed during threat displays. On the exterior of the wings are bright yellow spots designed to look like eyes to deter potential predators. The Yunnan flower is a smaller species of mantis that will typically grow to 1.5 inches long.  This mantis species hails from the tropical forests of south Asia, and so prefers a warmer & humid environment that, with a little effort, can be easily maintained.


Yunnan flower mantis enjoy hunting flying livefood such as blue/green bottle flies and mature waxmoths. Young nymphs should be fed D.melanogaster or D.hydeii fruit flies until they grow larger, after which they can switch to various flying prey around 1/3rd the size of their total body length. Praying mantis should be fed until the abdomen becomes round and plump, indicating they have eaten enough.

Environmental Conditions

Praying mantis require a habitat at least 3x as tall as the mantis’s total body length. This space is needed to ensure that, when molting, the mantis can safely extend toward the ground to shed its skin. Yunnan flower mantis nymphs are around 1cm long. Creobroter sp. “Yunnan” should be kept at a relative humidity level of around 70% RH for prime health, and at a temperature of around room temperature or warmer with help from a heat mat attached to one side of their enclosure. Misting the walls of the enclosure will ensure the mantis can regularly drink, and that the enclosure humidity remains high.


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